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April 12, 2005

Oracle & PeopleSoft - Convergence or co-habitation?

Looks like Oracle has begun to make plans for their 'Project Fusion', which purports to merge their E-Business Suite offering with the Peoplesoft products into a single business applications strategy, but is it a fusion or a co-habitation? A recent Oracle Applications Day at Redwood Shores presented some tentative steps toward a unified technology platform, and PeopleTools seems to have gained some points for 'ease of use' for customers and 'productivity' for developers. Where does that leave Java? Well, the mantra for 'Fusion' is Open Standards, but it is not clear how this will be achieved, since some of the technologies, like PeopleTools, are proprietary. We will keep a watching brief on this promise.

The timeline for 'Fusion' seems to be about four years, so we may be waiting till 2008 to get the full benefit from Oracle's new applications strategy. Co-habitation will be a way of life for a while yet.

Customers wanting to make a decision about an applications strategy should do so with today's facts in hand. For those with investments in the current offerings, keep in mind that some changes are inevitable, but precisely when is still vague. For those with PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite running, send your list of most troublesome interface APIs to Oracle.

Also showing promise on the E-Business Suite front are Internal Controls Manager, which after 18 months on the market is getting some traction in the marketplace. Enterprise Planning and Budgeting, just rolling out now, had early adopters praising its ease of use, primarily based on embedded formulae and integrated database.

PS. Noticeably absent were any PeopleSoft products, but it is early days yet, and OpenWorld this year will include the Peoplesoft applications line.

PPS. Plug for OAUG/Quest who have recently agreed co-host a user group conference ConnectionPoint2005 in Texas.

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