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September 20, 2005

XBRL GL 2005

The new XBRL GL 2005 Specification is a key element in the Financial Reporting Supply Chain (FRSC) with the capability of transferring large amounts of transaction related detail between systems.

The XBRL GL 2005 Specification course was hosted by Hitachi in San Francisco was lead by Hugh Wallis, XBRL International Inc., and included presentations and examples by Gianluca Garbellotto of Dyn.Acc.Sys and Nobuyuki Sambuichi of Hitachi Systems and Services, Japan.

Originally, this specification seemed destined for limited usefulness in audits, but with the new spec, some degree of modularity has been introduced. In addition to gl-gen, modules include extensions in the areas of multi-currency (gl-muc), business (gl-bus), tax audit (gl-taf), as well as saxonic accounting (gl-usk). Elements from all of these modules can be assembled through a 'compilation' process.

The key benefits of the new specification appear to be flexibility and ease of understanding based on the new modular approach, while the main drawback from adding the additional modules may be complexity.

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September 19, 2005

Oracle Openworld SIGs

Moscone west hosted the Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings over the weekend to kick off Oracle OpenWorld September 17-22, 2005. I attended three of them - Fusion, Internal Controls, and Multi-National.

The Fusion SIG was quite well attend for a Saturday afternoon, but that may be as expected. There is a lot of interest in the Fusion strategy, and lots of feedback from and dialogue with the participants. Most questions were about what, how and when the process will be completed. The answers are still vague, and given the increasing complexity of the Tech Stack and the enormous overlaps in products, it will take some time to work out the details.

The Internal Control and Security SIG was, conversely, quite sparsely attended. Since this is a very hot topic, and one which should give every CEO, CIO and CFO pause - especially with convictions like Tyco going up amongst these high powered members of society - this observer would have thought attendance would be higher. In any event, the attendees heard from a couple of firms in this space, Fulrum and , and an Oracle spokesman, Nigel King, also attended to discuss Internal Control Manager.

The MultiNational SIG was also relatively sparsely attended, but the participants were very involved in the issues. The panel included Hans Kolbe of Celentra Systems, Mohan Iyer of FSCP Solutions Inc., Steve Jolly of GECISS and an Oracle spokesman, Terrance Wampler. Questions raised focused on the true cost of supporting complex global applications environments, R12 changes, localizations and reporting.

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September 5, 2005

Katrina informs us of the Value of Time

Katrina has spread its wings wide over the Gulf Coast, leaving a swath of distruction on a scale that defies description.

In spending time with relatives and friends while on vacation and seeing this signal event take place before our eyes, I am learning again the value of Time. The use and abuse we make with Time is emblematic of the human condition. It is always relative to our own small place in the world. But spending time with close family members is very important, because we never know when the Time we have available now will no longer be available to us or to them.

Sickness or accident may be the event, the cause may be by human or environmental intervention, but in the end, we will no longer have access to their smile, their warmth, their idiosyncrasies, or they to ours. Let's spend a little time with family, with friends and with neighbors so we know who we are to help when disaster strikes, because there will be many strangers also, and having a friend or neighbour close by in times of trouble provides at least some moral support.

If you can, send help; if are able, go help; if you can do neither, simply pray. We are all subjects of this one small and lonely planet, and it demands our collective respect.

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