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November 22, 2005

Visual mapping for beginners

Just discovered Google Earth a terrific tool for true visual browsers who need to the ground under their feet as they browse for location base goodies like Hotels, ATms and Malls! More importantly though, the links on the map are for really interesting things like museums, art galleries, state capitols and ecological reserves! How about Art Walks, or Music Festivals, Google guys????

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November 2, 2005

Oracle Discoverer

Just worked with Discoverer again and the web based process Discoverer 4i has some features that make it really easy to use. Rather than creating a query and downloading the resulting database rows into your favorite spreadsheet, do the manipulation on-line with D4i using one of the tools like crosstab or ad hoc calculations. Oracle has lots of documentation and training on the tool. The Daily Feature highlights important functionality in the product. Also, to keep up with developments, tips and tricks on Discver, look over the Discoverer/BI blogs by a couple of Oracle development guys.

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