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October 15, 2009

Oracle Openworld 2009 More for Less?

Dateline: Oracle Openworld 2009, San Francisco, Ca, USA If there ever were a dramatic end to a great conference, the Governator's appearance at the Keynote Wednesday was it! By my count, Arnold used 'technology' enough times in 20 minutes to merit an honorable mention in the Guiness World Records. But I digress.

The Oracle Openworld conference is the premier marketing event for Oracle annually held in San Francisco. The investment this year might just be worth it. Between the unveiling of a new technology products from the Sun partnership/merger to the first of demos of Fusion, we see that the Oracle technology ecosystem is in full flower.

The Sun/ORACLE Exadata Version 2 box has a lot to offer to the data center folks who are running out of space, licenses and budget, finally allowing OLTP and Datawarehousing to co-exist with impressive performance while offering a significantly improved risk profile and an ROI that is not measured in decades.

The sneak peek at Fusion Middleware was reviewed by Tony Baer/Sys-Con media. The demo at the end of the session provided some clues to what may be an interesting end user story at long last. From the incorporation of standards based tools, integrated business activity management and a new user interface, to providing the IT department with tools to monitor and manage measurable SLA's, Fusion holds great promise.

More to come....

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