October 4, 2005

Art defines Culture, or is it vice versa?

Art is defined by culture, in part, while culture may sometimes drive art in new directions or set formalized norms of expression restricting the creative impulse. History abounds to examples of all these patterns.

The twentieth century started the shift from local to global art movements. The twenty-first century has already seen changes in the temporal shift of these movements. What has changed is that the globalization of everything is also driving the globalization of art, creating a huge variety complex forms of real expressionism that often lasts for months, or weeks, days or even hours, then laid to rest in the back-logged history in the web.

Sometimes seeing another person's viewpoint starts with the images they convey through their art. Our global cultures produce so much imagery collectively each day, that sorting through the good and avoiding the bad seems to be impossible task. Image searching provides imagery with no context, and searching for good images in a given context usually results in awkward syntax and/or poor returns.

From fashion photography images that reflect our times to eclectic gallery art collections in out of the way places, art can be found anywhere.

For myself, I am looking forward a winter solstice in beautiful British Columbia, specifically Whistler, and even a little skiing.

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